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BDR-999 Series

BDR-999 Series 3 1/2 digit LED panel meter


  • Replaces separate display and meter modules
  • Optional Red, Green or Blue LED
  • Bezel-mount or 180º gimbal mounting in multiple planes - wall, bench, ceiling or panel mounting
  • Resistant to RF and EMI
    • Rugged metal case
    • 2.3" LED display visible from across the room
    • Multifunction loop, set-voltage, adjustable-voltage inputs, all included
    • Isolated AC/DC supply works in many control applications


    Display:  Digits:  3 ½ digits (±1999 counts) 
      Type:  2.3" (58.4mm) - 7 segment LED
      Optional red, green or blue digits
    Inputs:  Set Voltage Ranges: ±200mV, ± 2V, ±20VDC 
        Configuration:  bipolar differential 
        Protection:  ±350Vdc, (±100Vdc on 200mV Range)
        Impedance:  >1MΩ, (>10MΩ on 200mV Range)
      Adj. Voltage Ranges:  200mV, 5V, 10VDC
        Offset Range:  1999 to +1999
        Gain Range:  1 to 1000
      4-20mA Loop Ranges:  4 to 20mA DC
        Configuration:  bipolar differential
        Protection:  ±30mA
        Loop Impedance:  300Ω nominal
    Performance:  Accuracy:  ±0.1% fs + 1 count)
      Conversion Rate:  3 per second
      Normal Mode Rejection:  >30 dB @ 60 Hz
      Common Mode Rej.:  >86 dB
      Zero Adjustment:  automatic on set voltage ranges 
      Warmup:  10 minutes typical
      Temperature Coeff.:  ± 100 ppm per °C typical
    Environment:  Operating Range:  -10 to 50 °C 
      Storage Range:  -40 to 75 °C
    Power Supply:  BDR-999: 90 to 250 VAC @ 12VA 
      BDR-924: 10.5 to 30 VAC/DC @ 6VA 
    Mounting:    180° gimbal mounting with 30° stops, or bezel mount 
    Connection:   screw terminals