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LED Display, DC Ammeters 


LED Display, DC Ammeters



  • Available in easy to read RED, BLUE or GREEN LED
  • Built in shunts
  • The DLA20-DCA Series utilizes an on-board shunt to provide a digital read out of the monitored dc current.

 Data Sheet Wiring Diagram




Display:  Numeral Size: .37” (9.4 mm)
  Overrange:  three lower order digits blank
  Supply Voltage: 5-40 Vdc, 10-51 mA
Inputs Input Ranges: 199.9µA, 1.999mA, 19.99mA
199.9mA, 1.999A, 19.99A
Performance Accuracy: 0.2% FS
Sampling Rate: 2.5 per second
Environment: Operating Temperature: -10 to 50 °C
Max Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
Connection 4 terminal