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PW1 Series

PW-1.0 Power Supply



The Model PW 1.0 is a regulated 0.5 amp power supply that accepts 24 VAC at the input and provides 24 VDC at the output. The PW 1.0 can be ordered with any output voltage from the 1.5V to 29 VDC. Field voltage adjustments may also be made using only a screwdriver. The power supply is provided with a mounting track for easy field application. These low-cost power supplies feature good regulation and have full over-current protection. 

  • Low cost
  • Regulated DC output 
  • Snap-track mounted
  • Screw terminals with pressure plates

Voltage:  Input : 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  Output: 24VDC (full wave rectified and regulated) adjustable 1.5V - 29 VDC
Output Current:   0.5 amps
Over-current Protection:   1 amp fuse
Environment:  Operating Temperature:  0 to 55 °C
  Max. Humidity: 95% RH, noncondensing
Weight:    0.25 lb. 
Mounting:    snap-track included 
Output Ripple Voltage: No Load: Max Load:
  2mVp-p 2mVp-p
Ripple Rejection:   65dB